New Government Just Interim, Says Reps ({{commentsTotal}})

Mailis Reps
Mailis Reps Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Opposition MP and former education minister Mailis Reps said the new liberal-left coalition has no action plan and no funds to cover the costs of ideas written into the agreement between the two ruling parties.

“Ministers have failed to hide their ambitious plans, but realistically – our economy situation is not overtly positive and the 2014 budget is leaky,” Reps said, speaking on ETV's “Foorum” on Wednesday.

The Center Party MP said looking back at past coalitions, the Reform Party will likely push its agenda through, leaving the Social Democrats with scraps.

IRL's Anvar Samost said the promises of the coalition, such as to increase child allowances and lower income tax and the unemployment insurance rate seem great, but most of the ideas will not materialize.

He said the coalition can add a number of other promises to that list, but it won't make them true.