Three Center Party MPs Stripped of Parliamentary Immunity ({{commentsTotal}})

The Parliament decided to strip Center Party MPs Priit Toobal, Lauri Laasi and Urbo Vaarmann of their parliamentary immunity today.

In the parliamentary vote, 56 MPs voted in favor and 16 MPs against stripping Toobal of immunity. With Laasi and Vaarmann the votes were 54-17 and 64-13 respectively, reported today.

In February, the Prosecutor General Norman Aas asked Teder to petition for the Parliament to strip the three MPs of their parliamentary immunity in connection with alleged instigation to unauthorized surveillance.

Toobal and Laasi could face charges of instigating unauthorized surveillance and the violation of confidentiality of messages, after they allegedly influenced a government worker, Ivor Onksion, to illegally access the e-mail account of a high-ranking official and forward e-mails from the account.