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Tallinn City Government
Tallinn City Government Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Tallinn City Council has declined to admit a motion by the Social Democrats to hold a no confidence vote against mayor Edgar Savisaar. The refusal comes three days after a similar bill was voted down.

Head of the council, Center Party's Toomas Vitsut, said on Thursday that the motion was rejected as it violated a number of paragraphs of the Local Government Organization Act.

He said the signatures of one-fourth of the council are needed, which the latest bill did not have, and a three-month period must pass before a no confidence motion can be held against the same official for similar reasons.

Lauri Laats (Social Democrats), who initiated the latest bill, said it was rushed.

The Reform Party held a vote against Savisaar on Tuesday, but failed to gather support from Savisaar's Center Party, which controls a majority in the council.

The reasons stated for the attacks against the mayor range from Savisaar traveling to Sochi on taxpayer money and speaking against the Kyiv uprising to underfunded education and a lack of kindergarten places.

The three opposition parties have been hoping that some Center Party councilmen will support their motions, after Savisaar recently received rare criticism from his own party.