A. Le Coq Pulls the Plug on Song and Dance Festival Ad Campaign ({{commentsTotal}})

Beer producer A. Le Coq has terminated a ad campaign donating six cents for each sold six-pack to organzations participating in the Song and Dance Festival after criticism by organizers.

The company's CEO, Tarmo Noop, said today in a press release that the campaign's aim was to support Estonian culture through choirs and dance troupes, adding that they pulled the campaign after the idea became distorted in the public's eyes.

The head of the festival's foundation, Aet Maatee, said two weeks ago that the drive abuses the festival and pits communities against each other, while Hannes Lents, head of the Terve Eesti foundation, said the ad campaign is an example of corporations moving into gray areas, Eesti Päevaleht reported.

After a public debate on the sale of alcohol at the festival, organizers decided to limit sale and consumption to a certain area on the grounds, with alcohol banned in the main areas. Only A. Le Coq beer will be sold at the event.