BBC Radio Takes a Look at Estonian E-Democracy ({{commentsTotal}})

BBC Radio 4 is starting a four-part radio series today, "Would That Work Here?", focusing on concepts that might improve life in the U.K. The focus of their first segment, airing tonight, is Estonia's e-democracy.

According to the program's preview, only 44 percent of voters between the ages of 18-24 in the UK voted in the last election, compared to 76 percent of voters over 65. Some predictions estimate turnout could be as low as 12 percent in the next election.

The program, moderated by journalist Claire Bolderson, will debate whether or not Estonia's developments in electronic Internet voting should be adopted to bring the UK's voting system - "antiquarian by comparison" - into the 21st century and re-engage the voting population, or whether it would "merely serve the established political elite?"

The practiciality of instituting an Estonian-like ID card system in the UK will also be discussed.

The segment will be 43 minutes long. You can listen to it here starting at 22:00 Estonian time.