MPs, Ministers, Advisers Rake in Bonuses Following Government Switch ({{commentsTotal}})

Stenbock House, seat of the Estonian government
Stenbock House, seat of the Estonian government Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The change in government has cost the state 300,000 euros in bonuses and holiday pay to former ministers, MPs and advisers who have left their posts.

Õhtuleht tallied up the costs and found the following:

  • Andrus Ansip and his three advisers who left office – 16,000 euros
  • IRL ministers and advisers - 60,000 euros
  • Reform ministers and advisers – 9,000 euros
  • MPs – the seven MPs who left Parliament will receive 21,000 euros each (six months pay)

The Ministry of Interior did not reveal the salaries, and thus holiday-pay, of its advisers. A number of other expenses,such as farewell parties and the leasing of vechicles for new officials, also incurred.