Estonia Listed as Outperformer in Societal Development Index ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia has received high marks in the 2014 Social Progress Index developed by the US-based Social Progress Imperative non-profit, placing 19th of 132 countries, and being one of only two countries with a per capita GDP of under $20,000 (as of 2005) to break into the top 25.

In Europe, Estonia beat out such countries as France, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Estonia made the top 10 list of countries that are considered overperformers based on what might be expected from their GDP. Estonia's score was 9 percent higher than expected. Estonia was ninth on the overperformers list; Finland and Iceland were also 9-percent overperformers (eighth and sixth, respectively).

The index was based on 15 categories. Estonia was highest in Nutrition and Medical Care, Personal Rights and Access to Basic Knowledge. Lowest was Tolerance and Inclusion, just short of the median. Ecosystem Sustainability was also relatively low.

However, in comparison with its GDP bracket, none of the 15 areas were considered a weakness. Even standouts such as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland had one of the 15 areas listed as a weakness - Shelter in the case of the first two, and for Switzerland, Access to Basic Knowledge.

Estonia had five relative strengths in its GDP bracket: Foundations of Wellbeing, Opportunity, Personal Rights, Personal Freedom, and Access to Advanced Education.

The report can be accessed here.