Center Party United on Ukraine, Says Deputy ({{commentsTotal}})

Mailis Reps
Mailis Reps Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Center Party heavyweight Mailis Reps said her party has a common opinion on the crisis in Ukraine and media attempts to create a rift between party members and its chairman have failed.

“Edgar Savisaar has stressed that the use of muscle in international relations is unacceptable – and I agree,” Reps said in a press release today.

She said the attempt to split the party exploits a nation's "sad and complicated" situation to incite hatred among Estonia's ethnic groups.

Savisaar told Russian media in mid-March that the question of legitimacy of the Crimea referendum is arbitrary, and the main question is the welfare of the people. The mayor of Tallinn later said he was misquoted.

One Center Party member voted against a parliamentary motion to back Ukraine, with a number of others from the party abstaining. However, six of the party's MPs were among those who initiated the bill.

Opposition parties have attempted to dethrone Savisaar in Tallinn, holding one no-confidence vote with a second one planned. The Reform Party, IRL and the Social Democrats have attempted to coax Center Party councilmen over to their side, but so far unsuccessfully.