Savisaar: Political Power Should Be Transferred to Brussels ({{commentsTotal}})

Edgar Savisaar
Edgar Savisaar Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Center Party chairman Edgar Savisaar, speaking at the party's congress on Saturday, said the decision-making power in Brussels must be increased for the European Union to strengthen economically.

He said only a centrally governed EU can help poorer nations such as Estonia to catch up, adding that such a development would not turn Estonia into one of the five richest nations in the Union, which is a goal for the Reform Party, but will help to stem the tide of people leaving the nation for better pay.

The European Union has not fully arrived here yet, and people have began to lose hope leaving for countries with more Europe than Estonia, he said.

“Will become a failed state if we can not bring a more humane Europe to Estonia,” Savisaar said.

The party voted Savisaar as their top candidate for the European Parliament elections in May, although Savisaar, the Mayor of Tallinn, said he will not become a MEP if elected.

The Center Party picked up the most votes at the previous EP elections, winning two seats, while all other parliamentary parties won one each. Independent Indrek Tarand is the sixth and last Estonian MEP.

Both Center Party MEPs and Kristiina Ojuland, the Reform Party representative in the European Parliament have been thrown out of or left their parties.