Traffic Changes Causing Alarm Among Shopkeepers ({{commentsTotal}})

Even though the roadworks on Pärnu Street (Pärnu maantee) began just two days ago, the shops located on the stretch of street closed to car traffic are already feeling the pinch, and are worried about the future when all parking spaces on the street will disappear.

Manager of Reval Cafe Mare Soonurm told ETV that the café had 20-30 percent fewer customers. Even though lunch hour was still busy, Soonurm is worried that the dust stirred up by the repair work will scare away pedestrians, too, ETV reported on Tuesday.

Triin Teekivi from the curtain shop Kardinal also complains about a lack of clients and fears for the survival of the store. However, moving to another location is not being considered due to recently completed remodeling.

Kati Kippasto, manager of the shop 9 Kuud (Nine Months) said relocating has been discussed but the disappearance of parking spots causes the most worry.

Parking spaces will disappear because the tram tracks will be separated from the car lanes with a small curb. Unlike Tartu Street (Tartu maantee), the tram tracks will remain in the middle of the street.