IRL Launches EU Parliament Campaign, With Urban Graffiti Elements ({{commentsTotal}})

IRL presented their list of candidates for the European Parliament elections to the election commission today, also unveiling an anti-corruption platform with a creative poster of the likeness of mayor and Center Party head Edgar Savisaar, who is also running in the elections.

The poster says: “No to corruption! Less corruption - higher standard of living!” and a montage of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Savisaar sharing a kiss.

The message of the party in the elections is that the greatest threat to European security is the spread of the corruption of Putin’s regime.

Anvar Samost, a former journalist running on the IRL ticket, said the roots of the crisis in Ukraine, Russia’s aggression and Europe’s inadequate response can all be traced to corruption. Corrupt links have tied several influential circles and business to Russia’s corrupt system and it is a great security threat for Europe, he told

The IRL candidates include Tunne Kelam, Ene Ergma, Marko Mihkelson, Anvar Samost, Eerik Kross, Yoko Alender, Mihhail Lotman, Liisa Pakosta, Tõnis Palts, Tarmo Kruusimägi, Linda Eichler and Mart Nutt.

The poster appears to be a homage to Dmitri Vrubel's iconic mural My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love.