Danish Fighters to Reach Estonia by May ({{commentsTotal}})

Four Danish F-16 fighters will arrive at the Ämari air field in late April or early May to expand the Baltic air policing mission.

The fighters will stay in Ämari until late August, ETV reported on Thursday.

Officers of the Danish air force came to acquaint themselves with Ämari last week. Commander of the Estonian Air Force Colonel Jaak Tarien said the number of planes could be increased immediately in case of a crisis.

“Many countries have expressed a wish to send reinforcements to support the Baltic states. We also have another country in line to take over from the Danes,” Tarien said, adding that the name of the country will not be disclosed as of yet. It is significant, he said, that the Ämari base will be home to around the clock operations.

According to a Reuters report, Germany has offered six Eurofighters for Baltic air policing, but NATO will probably ask Berlin to delay its participation until the four-month period from September to December when Portugal takes over responsibility for the mission.