No One Wants a Cold War, US Ambassador Says ({{commentsTotal}})

United States Ambassador to Estonia Jeffrey Levine says the tensions between the West and Russia will not bring about another Cold War, because Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was a 19th century aggression, not an ideological conflict in the vein of the Cold War.

The ambassador told ETV on Thursday that no one is interested in a new Cold War, which was marked by political and military tensions between the West and the East for decades, and that Russia’s current aggression probably doesn’t have an ideological background.

He said propaganda should not be answered with counterpropaganda. Instead, accurate and objective information should be provided to the public.

Levine stressed that the US considers the Baltic states and Poland strong partners; not unlike the US, the countries have said that the situation requires a strong response.

He also said he wished to dispel the notion that diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis in Ukraine means that decisions are made by superpowers without the smaller nations.

“We at the embassy are listening very closely to Estonian input, their view of the situation, and suggestions for addressing it,” Levine said.

NATO is currently discussing how to bolster its military deterrence and it is probable that something will be done with the Ämari air field in Estonia. It probably will not be used for air policing missions, because there is no need to establish a base that would duplicate the tasks of the base located in Lithuania, the ambassador said.