Media Figures Petition EC for Creation of Unbiased Russian-Language Outlet in Europe ({{commentsTotal}})

Current and former media leaders in the Baltics and Finland have sent a joint letter to the European Commission asking the body to consider establishing a Russian-language TV channel in Europe, which would be called Golos Evropy (Voice of Europe).

The alternative being piloted in Latvia and Lithuania - closing Russian stations that veer directly into propaganda - will not weaken any information offensives, the media figures say in the letter, which Postimees daily quoted from today.

"We see that Europe needs Russian-language news sources that are based on strong journalistic values. We also understand that individual countries lack resources for establishing and maintaining such channels."

The letter was signed by former Postimees editor in chief Anvar Samost, former Helsingin Sanomat daily editor in chief Mikael Pentikäinen, editor of Latvia's Diena and the former Lithuanian BNS editor Arturas Račas.