Laaneots: Time for Ukraine to Stop Being Patient ({{commentsTotal}})

Retired General Ants Laaneots says it is time for Ukraine to respond to Russia using full military strength.

In an interview with ETV, Laaneots said that Russian special forces had started a broader operation in Ukraine.

"The goal is understandable: destabilize the situation in the country, allow separatists to gain power and do everything so that the elections in a month's time do not occur," Laaneots said.

He said it could be documented how local pro-Russian agitators were hired. Even the amount paid to them was known, Laaneots said, putting it at 500 dollars for occupying a building and 500 Urkrainian hrivny for participating in an anti-government meeting.

Ukraine should use its entire army to counter the attack, including "heavy forces," and said further developments would depend on how the major anti-separatist operation in eastern Ukraine fared and the Western reaction to events.

Laaneots is a leading voice of concern regarding Estonia's own national defense preparations and has said the country is banking too much on deterrence.