Cost of Raising a Child Calculated at €60,000 ({{commentsTotal}})

A recent study by the University of Tartu's Center for Applied Social Sciences has put the cost of raising a child at 280 euros per month, totaling over 60,000 euros over 18 years.

The study found that transport makes up the largest part of the cost, as children are more often driven to school and kindergarten by car. Families are far more likely to buy a car or upgrade to a large vehicle when children are born. The cost of transport per child per month is calculated at 50 euros.

Toys and hobbies are second on the list, with 39 euros per month, closely followed by food and non-alcoholic drinks (37 euros).

Other services and goods are fourth, tied with dwelling costs (both 30 euros a month), followed by clothing and footwear (29 euros), household costs (maintenance and cleaning: 26 euros), hotels, cafes and restaurants (16 euros), and communication (15 euros).

Newborns cost the most, after which costs decline until the child is between eight and ten years old, after which costs begin to rise again.