No Sign of 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' in Eastern Ukraine, ERR Correspondent Says ({{commentsTotal}})

According to Ukraine’s acting president, an anti-terrorist special operation began in eastern Ukraine this morning, but ERR’s correspondent Astrid Kannel, currently in the region, said there are no signs of an ongoing operation.

Kannel told ERR’s radio news today that her crew will try to get confirmation for the reports from Kyiv, but it appears that, “Kyiv talks big, but in reality, there is nothing to be seen on the ground”.

Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov mentioned locations of anti-terrorist operations and ERR’s crew plans to visit them during the day.

Kannel added that there is a lot of false information regarding eastern Ukraine circulating, both word-of-mouth as well as online. For instance, on Monday there were rumors of separatists planning to seize the Donetsk airport, but when Kannel arrived, there were no signs of a takeover. This morning, there were reports of ten separatists killed, which seemed like too large a number, Kannel said.

Having been in Crimea at the time of its annexation, Kannel said it was difficult to get a clear idea of events there, too, as there was a lot of false information.