Increase Budgets of Security Services, Says Expert ({{commentsTotal}})

Security expert Jaanus Rahumägi said NATO will come to the rescue in case of a military conflict, but Estonia itself must be able to fight against Russia's soft power.

"I hope the changed security situation will lead to an increase in the budgets of both the Internal Security Service (KaPo)  and the Information Board (Teabeamet), as other nations can not help there," he told ERR radio on Monday.

The head of ISS, Arnold Sinisalu, said at a press conference on Monday that his organization has not detected any increase in soft power activities, adding that all actions so far have been in the limits of free speech.

“We are a democratic state and we must hear out all absurd statements, it is an element of democracy,” Sinisalu said.

The intelligence-oriented Information Board's budget for 2012 was around 15 million euros, 5 million euros less than for ISS the same year.