All Storylines Are Possible With Ukraine, Paet Says ({{commentsTotal}})

No scenario can be ruled out with Ukraine, including an escalation into war, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said.

Earlier this week, the foreign ministers of the European Union decided to wait until today's four-party talks between Ukraine, Russia, the US and the EU in Geneva, but Paet told today that it is unclear whether Russia will attend the talks.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that the meeting was on their agenda for now, Radio Free Europe reported today.

It will be certain only once the meeting is underway and Russia is sitting at the table, Paet said.

Escalation and the outbreak of war cannot be ruled out. “Unfortunately, no development can be ruled out with Ukraine,” Paet said.

The minister said the European Commission and the External Action Service are putting together a list of people and enterprises that could be subject to sanctions if another round is approved.

The next meeting of EU foreign ministers will probably take place in mid-May, but emergency meetings can be called earlier.

Commenting on recent calls made by visiting US Senator John McCain to send Ukraine weapons, Paet said that the option has not been discussed by the EU foreign ministers.

The minister added that there are no legal bans on selling weapons to Ukraine, but a separate campaign as not been on the table.