IRL Narrowly Leads All Comers in European Parliament National Poll ({{commentsTotal}})

An ERR-commissioned poll conducted by TNS Emor with about a month to go before next month's European Parliament elections found that IRL had a narrow edge over the other parties and individuals. 

Seventeen percent of respondents said they would vote for an IRL candidate. The other four parties represented in Parliament - Reform, Center and the Social Democrats - were tied with 16 percent.

Individual candidates were led by Indrek Tarand, an incumbent MEP, with 11 percent. A few other individual candidates had 1 percent support.

Emor analyst Aivar Voog said they current results augur a pitched battle. The main question is which of the major parties will get two seats: if an individual candidate picks up one seat, that would leave five seats to be shared between four parties.

Estonia will have six seats in the 751-member Parliament. The election will be held from May 22-25.

The Emor survey was held from March 26 to April 16 in the homes of 886 respondents 18 and over. That was before all of the candidates' lists had been finalized.

Potential turnout was rated on a scale of one to 10. The highest score, a 10, was garnered by 37 percent of eligible voters.