Violent Crime Drops ({{commentsTotal}})

According to the crime barometer published by the Justice Ministry, 9,158 crimes were committed in the first three months of 2014 - about 1 percent more than in the same period the year before, but with fewer violent crimes.

Homicides were down by just three cases - 13 (four murders and 9 other killings) compared to 16 in Q1 of 2013, reported on Friday.

Eighteen percent more fraud was reprted but a majority of the crimes were committed earlier and only now showed up in statistics. Battery increased by 6 percent. 

The decrease in larceny tapered off and figures were down by 3 percent. Apartment breakins were down but thefts from commercial enterprises and vehicles increased. 

Of all types of crime, robberies dropped the most - there were 28 percent less than last year. There were also 7 percent fewer criminal traffic offenses, due to a drop in DWIs.