Estonian 'Batman' Strikes in Florida ({{commentsTotal}})

While the debate over concealed carrying of weapons as a crimestopper rages on in the US, an Estonian man in Florida has demonstrated that an old-fashioned headlock can be just as effective.  

An Estonian man received a oral commendation from the Sarasota, Fla. police department (with a word of caution to other would-be vigilantes tacked on) after his effort in wrestling a would-be robber to the ground. 

Jaanus Jürisoo entered the pharmacy after the man, who threatened the cashier with what he said was a knife and demanded prescription painkillers, reported.

Jürisoo grabbed the man in a neckhold, got him down and subdued him until police arrived.

Jürisoo, 33, who tints windows for a living, quipped: "I am Batman on weekends."