European Election Coverage Opens at ERR, With Over 60 Candidates Interviewed On-Camera ({{commentsTotal}})

European Parliament election season coverage has started in earnest at Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR), with the Estonian-language online news site opening its election website at

Building on its ambitious Vali Mind video content from October's local elections, in which hundreds of candidates were given three minutes to air their views, this time around Baltic Film and Media School students have conducted five-minute interviews with at least 65 of the 88 candidates for the European Parliament, which can be viewed here.

The majority of the ERR content is in Estonian, of course - excepting one interview with one well-spoken Social Democrat previously covered in our pages and a few others. But ERR News will cover the election thoroughly in its typical "more than just the highlights" fashion, and later this week, our live blog will open, much as it did for the local elections.

If you missed it, four EP candidates met last week at a BNS/BECC-hosted debate in English.

Since voting in Estonia's European Parliament electoral process and standing as a candidate are open to all EU citizens who are residents of Estonia and register there, interest is potentially high.  

As yet, there are many undecided voters and a poll released last week found only 37 percent of the electorate said they would definitely vote, so the content could also help voters crystallize their choice with a month to go before the vote, ERR officials told