This Week's Weather: April Flowers, No Showers ({{commentsTotal}})

The temperature hit 24 C at one weather station in western Estonia this afternoon, and nothing but blue skies are expected for the foreseeable future.  

The only bug in the ointment is that the temperature will drop to quite chilly levels later in the week - although speaking of bugs, warm weather will inevitably fast-track the arrival of mosquitoes to well before the average mid-May zero hour.

After a Tuesday that will be largely be a repeat of today (forecast 11-21 C, in reality 14-24 C), the highs for the rest of the week will be well under 15 C - eating outside still doable in full sun in sheltered locations, but more dicey.

And Wednesday and Thursday nights will be frosty (-3 to 3 C). Winds, however, are expected to be a light to moderate 4-25 kph throughout the week, usually on the lower side of that range.