Estonia Gets Virtual Boost for the Venice Architecture Biennale ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia will be the first country to combine its exhibition at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale with a virtual exhibit that received the lease of life thanks to donors on the Estonian version of Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. 

The project applied for funding on Hooandja, the Estonian equivalent of Kickstarter, and exceeded its goal of 5,700 euros and collected 6,110 euros from 206 donors, reported today.

The virtual environment allows the users to influence what is happening in the pavilion in real time.

Estonia’s project “Vaba ruum” (Interpsace), curated by Johanna Jõekalda, Siim Tuksam and Johan Tali, deals with the public space of the e-state, delving into how the merging of physical and virtual public space affects urban planning in the future.

The physical exhbition looks at the evolution and uses of public space in Estonia by focusing on architectural projects in the course of the past century. The virtual exhibit focuses on digital behavior in the information society and the relations between the digital and physical public space. The virtual pavilion will be opened online on June 5.

“It is our way of saying that in the e-state, presence and spatial use have acquired a new meaning and therefore the shaping of the e-state should also acquire a new meaning. Being in different physical spaces, people can still be in the same information space and vice versa,” the curators said.

Watch the clip (in Estonian) for Hooandja here.