Greek Yogurt Wins Best Food Product Award ({{commentsTotal}})

A type of dairy product currently taking the world by storm is big in Estonia, too, and Farmi Köök's Greek yogurt was deemed good enough to win the country's best food prize handed out for the 20th time by the Estonian Association of Food Industry.

The product, like its ilk in other countries, is a thick fermented product with 10 percent milkfat, making it a good sour cream substitute. It comes in plain, raspberry, cloudberry and strawberry. To keep things politically correct, the company also has a plain Turkish yogurt, which has 2.5 percent milkfat.

At the industry association's annual conference, awards also were given for best non-alcoholic beverage - Pai Pluss smoothies - and alcoholic beverage - Vana Tallinn Signature, a spin on the famous liqueur.

The best health food was vitamin D fortified milk, produced by Tere dairy and a novel concept in Estonia