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The Kultuurikatel (Tallinn Culture Hub)
The Kultuurikatel (Tallinn Culture Hub) Source: (Scanpix)

The first stage of Kultuurikatel (Tallinn Creative Hub) was opened on Wednesday, but the future of the rest of the complex is uncertain.

Arhitektuurikatel or Architecture Hub,the first stage, is located in the A-block of the venue at Põhja puiestee 29a and the hub aims to introduce the work of architects to a wider audience, ETV reported on Wednesday.

It is unclear who their neighbors will be, as there is a 200,000-300,000 euro shortage in the budget.

Evelyn Sepp, head of Kultuurikatel Foundation, said the contruction is likely to grind to a halt this summer and that the foundation has been underfunded from the start.

One of the financial backers of Kultuurikatel, Enterprise Estonia, remains hopeful that construction would continue.

“Since this project is complicated, it is difficult to say what will happen and when,” said Anu-Maaja Pallok, co-ordinator for creative industries at Enterprise Estonia.

She added that there have been no distinct hiccups in funding by the city but the election of Kultuurikatel’s head is coming up and Sepp has not revealed whether she will be running for the post again.

According to ETV’s news program Aktuaalne Kaamera, Meelis Pai, adviser to Mayor Edgar Savisaar and former head of the Estonian Puppet Theater, is planning to run.

Tallinna Kultuurikatel is the follow-up project to the Capital of Culture 2011 foundation and focuses on promoting cultural tourism and trade, as well as interdisciplinary cooperation and innovation in cultural and creative industries.