IRL Criticized for Election Stunt ({{commentsTotal}})

The campaign for the European elections has gotten off to a relatively calm start, with only IRL standing out negatively with its forceful campaign, independent election watchdog group Valimiste Valvurid said.

IRL breached the good electoral practice on several accounts: pointing to a specific person (Edgar Savisaar) and focusing on the negative in their campaign, as well as frightening voters in an especially difficult security situation, the watchdog said.

According to Valimiste Valvurid, the campaigns have not gone beyond general slogans that give little information on the plans of the aspiring MEPs. While not exactly in breach of good electoral practice, the campaigns should have more substance and deal with the actual work of the European Parliament.

The watchdog also highlighted the fact that Estonian MEPs tend to work more along faction lines in the European Parliament than implement the policies of their Estonian parties, so the campaigns should place more emphasis on which European factions the parties belong to.