Older People Should Also Receive Vaccinations, Says Expert ({{commentsTotal}})

Besides vaccinating children and younger people, pensioners should also consider vaccinations, says Kuulo Kutsar, an adviser at the Health Board.

Speaking to uudised.err.ee today, Kutsar said the body's immune system begins to regress from the age of 50 or 60 and people become more receptive to diseases.

Foremost, people should be vaccinated against influence, he said, adding that vaccination against pneumonia and zoster or shingles should also be considered.

A recent study revealed that 100 people had died in Estonia in the last decade to diseases which could have been prevented by a vaccination.

Estonian citizens are eligible for free shots against diphtheria and tetanus every ten years after turning 25, but very few use the opportunity as cases of the diseases are not discovered every year in Estonia, although they are more widespread in Latvia and Russia, Kutsar said.