Film-Maker Raag Wins Honorable Mention at Tribeca ({{commentsTotal}})

"I Won't Come Back," a film directed by Ilmar Raag and co-produced by film studios in Russia, Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, has won a special jury mention from the Nora Ephron Prize's jury at the Tribeca FIlm Festival.

The film tells a story about a young teacher and a teen who has fled from an orphanage. They go on a road trip across Russia to Kazakhstan to visit the girl's grandmother, who lives there. It is hailed as a story of survival, friendship and family values. It had its world premiere on April 18. 

Raag has emerged as a prolific and acclaimed Estonian director, featuring strong-willed female characters and themes of vulnerability and independence.

Tribeca is often considered the second-most prominent US film festival alongside Sundance. The Ephron prize was established last year and is awarded to a female film-maker. This year it went to Talya Lavie for "Zero Motivation."