Independent Candidates: No New Tarand on the Horizon ({{commentsTotal}})

Indrek Tarand, MEP
Indrek Tarand, MEP Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

There is no strong independent candidate like the Indrek Tarand of 2009 this year, despite Tarand running again. Few predict a repeat of his success when he surprised all, including himself, with 26 percent of the votes.

Tarand will still fancy his chances, but he will not be alone. Kristiina Ojuland, current MEP, is running, as is Center Party MP Olga Sõtnik, having become disenfranchised from her party. Jevgeni Krištafovitš, and Imre Mürk are hoping to bank on the success of their election coalitions at the local elections, while Silver Meikar, former Reform Party MP, more widely known as a whistle-blower on shady, but ultimately unproven, party financing, could do well.

A couple of little-known foreigners are also in the mix, while Roman Ubakivi, a former head coach of the Estonian football team has also registered. Social media hero Svetlana Ivnitskaja, with promises of a Swiss-style 500-euro minimum income per EU citizen, could also steal votes from the four main parties.