Well-Known Cheese Maker Killed in Brewery Accident ({{commentsTotal}})

A man was fatally injured in an accident on the premises of the Saku Brewery on Monday, the victim was identified as one of Estonia's best-known dairy farmers, Vello Eensalu.

According to Saku's spokesperson Kristiina Tamberg, a man was hit by a lift carrying bottle containers on Monday, he was taken to the hospital and he died of his injuries, which were not considered serious initially, Postimees reported.

The victim was named as Vello Eensalu, the head of Esko Farm, which specializes in dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and curds. Eensalu marketed his products himself and also welcomed tourists interested in an traditional Estonian farm atmosphere and small-scale production.

According to the brewery, the accident is unusual; strict safety rules apply on the premises and visitors must walk in special areas, safety equipment is required when entering hazard zones.

Eensalu was a partner of the brewery and also produced a type of cheese named Saku. His farm also serves as the location for the popular television series Õnne 13.

The spokesperson of the police Andres Sang said the police considers the incident an accident but will not rule out opening a procedure to determine the circumstances of the accident.