This Weekend's Weather: Chilly With Showers at Times ({{commentsTotal}})

The temperature rose over 20 C on six days in late April, and Pärnu set two record highs for April 21 and 22 (the 23.1 and 22.1 C marks beat the previous ones, 20.3 and 19.5 C). Now comes a period of chillier weather to compensate for it.

It won't be a good weekend for outdoor activity. Today will be pleasant if chilly, with highs of 6-12 C, but Saturday will bring slight deterioration. Showers are more likely during the daytime and sleet may mix in with the rain at times. Daytime highs will be under 10 C. It's courtesy of a sluggish low pressure system.  

At the start of the week, a more active low pressure system sweeps in, bringing more of the same, and a fell wind from the north. The latest modeling shows that it isn't ruled out that the ground in northeastern Estonia may become white, at least for a short period.