Saturday Is Community Activity Day in Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

As in every year since 2008, the first Saturday in May is "Let's Do It" day, on which thousands of volunteers across the country pitch in projects in various sectors, in the spirit of an old-fashioned barnraising.

The project started as a trash cleanup campaign in 2008 (since successfully exported to other countries), then experimented with a "let's make the country better" round of nationwide brainstorming the next year.

It then settled into a happy medium between action and discussion, offering a wide range of practical activities in local communities across the land.

There will be 1,710 such one-day projects this year, with over 19,000 signed up so far. Last year's final tally was 1,522 projects with 40,000 participants.

Signup is open until this evening at, though walk-ins are welcomed on Saturday, organizers say.

Tarmo Tüür, the head organizer this year, said many of the activities this year lie along the path of the Song Festival torch.

Trash cleanup in the countryside is still popular - and, judging from visual evidence, often necessary. Last year 20 percent of activities were related to this field.