New Office Tasked With Fighting Economic Crime ({{commentsTotal}})

A new 50-strong department under the police's criminal investigation division will focus on economic crimes.

“Less serious crimes have been solved, but when we are talking about organized schemes, such as not paying tax, bankruptcy schemes, economic crimes committed online or tax exemption fraud, well, the current capability to tackle those crimes is low,” Ken-Marti Vaher, the previous Interior Minister told Delfi today.

Vaher said the problem was that the police force did not have enough experts. New minister Hanno Pevkur said the staff, most of whom have come from other units of the Criminal Police, will be paid 25 to 30 percent more, adding that such salaries should tempt experts from the private sector and other state organizations as the ISS and the Tax Board.

Vaher, who championed the idea, before it was realized by his successor, said the first fruits could be picked in the next few weeks.