Tax Board Confiscate 200,000 Liters of Contraband Fuel, Brings No Criminal Charges ({{commentsTotal}})

The Tax Board has recently confiscated 200,000 liters of undeclared diesel fuel near Pärnu, but will not be able to bring criminal charges to the drivers of the trucks as the criminal damage to the state is not high enough.

Those involved with importing undeclared fuel know the limits between a criminal offense and misdemeanor offense, ETV reported on Friday.

“Ten cases of contraband cigarettes constitutes a criminal offense. That means damage of 12,000 euros (to the state in unpaid tax). With alcohol that limit is 5,000 euros, when an offense is considered criminal. But with fuel that limit is 35,000 euros,” said Kunnar Keres, of the Tax Board.

The board does not have the license to sell the confiscated fuel, and usually donates it to orphanages or schools. But the storage and transport of the fuel is expensive.