Odessa Tragedy Was More Accident Than Anger, Says Estonian Businessman ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian businessman Raivo Raidam, who does trade with Ukraine, said the fire which killed dozens in Odessa was an accident after violence got out of hand.

Raidam said on ETV's “Ringvaade” program on Monday that football fans stumbled on anti-Maidan protestors, of whom some might have been foreign provocateurs, in Odessa last week.

The clash led to violence resulting in four deaths. According to Raidam, the football fans then went in search of revenge, burning down the anti-Maidan camp, who fled to a near-by trade union building.

Raidam said both sides threw Molotov cocktails at the other group, but stopped once they noticed the situation had gotten out of control.

He said Odessa is normally a very tolerant city and few had expected such an escalation. He said the city is now calm and the funerals are taking place.