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Spam letters, writing in the name of the major political parties which ask people for donations ahead of the European Parliament elections have been discovered, with the parties distancing themselves from the emails.

ETV's “Pealtnägija” program reported on its Facebook site on Tuesday that hundreds of such emails from people claiming to represent the Center Party, the Reform Party and the Social Democrats were received recently.

The majority of the e-mails have called on people to donate to the Center Party, although similar letters from people claiming to be representing the Social Democrats and the Reform Party have also been discovered.

IRL told today that emails in their name have also been dispatched by unknown people.

The bank account numbers at the end of the emails match those of the parties, but all three parties have said they know nothing of the spam-drive. The Center Party has asked the police to investigate, saying it is a case of stolen identity.

The Information System's Authority said at 15:00 on Tuesday such emails began to be sent from one location.

The letter sent in the name of the Center Party said there are a number of problems, describing Edgar (Savisaar)  as being too pro-Russia and ongoing criminal case against party Secretary General Priit Toobal. The e-mail says that only financial help will the party win.

The Reform Party letter also pointed to problems, such as Foreign Minister Urmas Paet being accused of selling out by signing the Estonian-Russian border treaty this year.

The letters have identical structure and endings.

A previous version of the story said letters claiming to be representing IRL have not been seen, but the party said today that the problem concerns all four Parliament parties, not just the Center Party, the Reform Party and the Social Democrats.