Russia Aiming to Oust USA as the Policeman of the World, Says Retired General ({{commentsTotal}})

Ants Laaneots
Ants Laaneots Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Vladimir Putin's new doctrine aims to install Russia as the global administrator, instead of the US, says the former commander in chief of the Estonian Defense Forces, Ant Laaneots.

“The first task is to regain control over the post-Soviet area, which is currently at hand,” Laaneots told Maaleht in an interview today.

He said Russia will not be able to restore its empire without Ukraine, which is trying to pull itself west instead.

“If he (Putin) succeeds in Ukraine, we can be certain Russia will continue its expansionism,” Laaneots said.

Speaking about the Ukrainian army, Laaneots said it has been underfinanced for the past two decades, and by former President Viktor Yanukovych probably intentionally. Yanukovych eliminated conscription last year, and changed top military commanders frequently.