Russian Ambassador to Estonia: Fascism Rearing its Head in Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Yuri Merzyakov, the Russian ambassador to Estonia, said the "heirs of the ideology of fascism have begun to materialize" in Ukraine.

Speaking on ERR radio today, on the Soviet Victory Day, Merzyakov compared the burning of the trade union building in Odessa last week, which killed dozens of pro-Russian separatists, to the burning of the Reichstag parliament building in Nazi Germany.

He said World War II veterans are important now, as those who were judged at Nuremberg have began to return. He said everyone should unite to combat this evil, especially the younger generation, so that they will not forget the battles fought by their grandfathers.

Dozens of people brought flowers to the Bronze Soldier statue today at the Defense Forces Cemetery on Filtri tee in Tallinn. Soviet music was played while veterans who fought in the war also made an appearance.

CORRECTION: Due to staff shortages, an unedited version of this piece was published. The name of the Russian ambassador, correctly transliterated, is Yuri Merzyakov.