Bridge on Tallinn-Narva Road Closed Due to Truck Accident ({{commentsTotal}})

Due to a serious traffic accident involving a truck, the bridge on the Tallinn-Narva road will be closed for up to three months, and a reroute will lengthen the journey by around 15 kilometers.

The accident occurred Thursday night, when a truck rode through the barricades of the Sämi bridge, on the 109th kilometer of the Tallinn-Narva road and crashed on the slope of the bridge, killing the driver. The bridge is at risk of collapse as a result of the accident, so it will be closed for at least three months, Rainer Kuldmaa, head of the Eastern Region of the Estonian Road Administration, told today.

The bridge was already undergoing repairs, and had signs indicating a dangerous section and also a speed limit and a streetlight, Kuldmaa said.

The reroute goes through the Sõmeru-Kabala and Sämi-Sonda-Kiviõli roads, extending the journey by 15.1 kilometers.

Bus departures may be delayed up to 30 minutes, but the road administration has asked the carriers to announce by Monday the exact route and added time of the diversion.