Eurovision Organizers: Estonia's Tanja Fell Just Short of Advancing to Final ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia's Eurovision entry, Tanja's "Amazing", picked up 36 points in the first semifinal last Tuesday in Cophenhagen, Eurovision announced Sunday.

Tanja finished four points from the threshold of advancing to Saturday's final, behind Portugal (39 points, did not qualify) and San Marino (40, did qualify). 

The Netherlands won that semifinal with 150 points, with also Estonia giving the low-lying nation the maximum number of points. Estonia gave Ukraine 10 points (second most), followed by Hungary (8) and Sweden (7).

Russia received only one point from Estonia, although that was a combined effort of a professional jury and televoting. Televoters alone would have given Russia five points.

Latvians gave Estonia the most points, 10, followed by four nations with five points each. Those nations were Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iceland and Sweden. France (four) and Spain (two) also handed Estonia points.

Estonia did not take part in the final Saturday night, but did have the opportunity to dish out points, mimicking the semifinals by giving the Netherlands 12 points. Sweden received 10, followed by Ukraine with 8 points. Estonia's other point-giving votes were Hungary (7), Finland (6), Armenia (5), the eventual winner Austria (4), Norway (3), Spain (3) and Russia, with one point. The Estonian TV viewers gave their lowest rating to Austria's Conchita Wurst, reported.  

Conchita Wurst's song, "Rise Like A Phoenix." was the runaway winner with 290 points. Netherlands finished second with 238.