Kalev/Cramo Wins 1st Basketball Championship Finals Match After Nervous Last Minute ({{commentsTotal}})

Kalev/Cramo has defeated rival TÜ/Rock 75-72 in the first game of the Estonian basketball championships.

The game, held in Tartu, began well for the visitors, with Kalev/Cramo creating a 10-point gap in the first quarter (27-17), increasing that to 44-31 at halftime.

Rock began to rally back with just 1:07 on the clock and a 72-58 deficit, cutting Kalev's lead to three points, 75-72. Tartu's Vilmantas Dilys had the chance to equalize with two seconds left, but lost the ball on a 3-point attempt.

The final is played until one team has won four games. The next game will take place on Tuesday in Tartu, followed by two games in Tallinn on May 19 and 21.

Either Rock or Kalev/Cramo have won the title since 2006.