Creation of Russian Channel Needs More Analysis, PM Says ({{commentsTotal}})

The choice between creating a new Russian-language channel and enhancing the existing ones must be made after careful analysis, and the funds will be found if necessary, Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas says.


Speaking on ERR's radio program “Peaministritund” (Prime Minister's Hour), Rõivas said the first step is a thorough analysis of how to reach viewers.

“Under no circumstances do we want the result one of our municipal governments has to show, namely five million euros of taxpayer's money being thrown in the wind each year and viewer ratings close to zero,” he said, a reference to Tallinna TV, the capital's television network launched by the Center Party.

He said there are "intensive" discussions at the Ministry of Culture on the issue and options mulled include increasing the number of correspondents and improving the technical capabilities of the Russian-language Raadio 4, ERR's Russian-language news site and the Russian-language version of ETV's news program Aktuaalne Kaamera.