Kevadtorm Update: Defense League Moves In ({{commentsTotal}})

As the second week of Estonia's largest military games begin, the Defense League, the nation's home guard, have arrived with 800 troops from southern Estonia.

The volunteers will focus on leadership and organization at this year's event, setting up a number of regional command centers and one national command center. A combat unit of the Defense League will also soon take to the field.


Around 500 Defense League members practiced aiding the police over the weekend, which is one of the tasks the voluntary force must take during a conflict.

The men and women helped police in all counties to check vehicles, provide security for police and check points.


Polish air-defense systems arrived at Ämari on Friday and will provide protection to the airbase during the three-week military exercise.

The Soviet-built 9K33 Wasp mobile surface-to-air-missile systems are a step up from the Mistral systems operated by Estonian air-defense forces.

A Polish Su-22 fighter squadron will arrive this week at Ämari.


A platoon of US army special forces, or the Green Berets, arrived in Estonia on Friday. The soldiers will take part in Kevadtorm, and a number of other Baltic military exercises.