Anti-Corruption Committee Slams Tallinn's Pre-Election Residency Drive ({{commentsTotal}})

Parliament's Anti-Corruption Select Committee has send the Tallinn government a note asking them to pull an ad campaign promoting Tallinn in the run-up to the European Parliament elections.

The ad also features Mayor Edgar Savisaar, who is a candidate, but has promised not to take up the position. These events echo last year's taxpayer political ads, when Tallinn and a few other municipalities promoted themselves using municipal funds.

The committee said the campaign has the characteristics of corruption.

The ad itself, which is also running on private TV channels, promotes the city saying Tallinn has free public transport and is setting up a municipal bank. In the ad, the city promises to plant a tree for each new citizen who registers him or herself as a resident by May 15.

The EP elections will take place on May 25 in Estonia.