Burglars’ Miscalculation Borders on Comic ({{commentsTotal}})

Two burglars tried to break into a flat in the town of Jõhvi, located in northeastern Estonia, only to be chased off by the resident and his dog, both employed by the Border Guard Board.

At 04.00 on Monday, the owner of the border guard dog Quasy noticed the dog was agitated and discovered two men busy with a crowbar at the window, uudised.err.ee reported today.

The border guard released the dog who tracked down one of the men, hiding between private houses nearby. A police patrol arrived and took the 31-year-old man to the station, while the police is still looking for the second man.

Indrek Püvi, head of the Border Guard Office of the East Prefecture, told the paper that the case is a good example of quick action, but stressed that the possible threat must be assessed before acting and urged people to notify the authorities.