Reform Party, IRL Sponsor: A Question of Stability ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia's second richest man Hillar Teder, who has donated hundreds of thousands of euros to the Reform Party and IRL, said it is not a question of political views, but of supporting economic policy.

“We do not support so much political views, as the prime minister's party and the economy minister's party so we can come up with ideas how to break into foreign markets. And we support the justice minister's party so international treaties making it easier to do cross-border business, will be signed,” Teder told Eesti Ekspress today.

He said Estonia's businessmen who are looking abroad are dependent on the nation's foreign trade policies and state help is needed in investing outside the country.

Teder donated 250,000 euros to the Reform Party and 103,000 to IRL last year, 60,000 to IRL, 30,000 euros to the Reform Party and the Center Party each in 2012.