Trust Towards State Institutions, Optimism Growing ({{commentsTotal}})

Stenbock House, seat of the Estonian government
Stenbock House, seat of the Estonian government Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

A semi-annual EU Eurobarometer study showed Estonians trust the government, Parliament and the EU more than they did six months ago.

The number of people believing Estonia is heading in the right direction has grown from 26 to 45 percent since November last year.

Trust in the government grew by 6 percentage points to 44, the EU average is only 26 percent. The corresponding figure for Parliament is 40 percent, up 5 percentage points in six months (EU average: 27 percent).

Other institutions also increased their popularity, such as political parties (up 9 percentage points to 25, EU average 17) and municipalities (up 3 percentage points to 60, average 46).

Trust of the union itself grew slightly to 58 percent, also far from the average (32 percent), although trust in EU institutions such as European Parliament (-5 percentage points to 52 percent, average 34), the European Commission )down 7 percentage points to 50, average 33) and the European Central Bank (-5 to 46, average 31 percent).

The full results of the study can be found here.