No Easy Solution for Rail Baltic Route Through Estonian Capital Region ({{commentsTotal}})

The head of the Estonian part of the Rail Baltic high-speed rail link, Indrek Sirp, said it is very complicated to find the optimal trajectory for the track in Harju County, which surrounds Tallinn.

Speaking on ERR radio today, Sirp said the route is nearly settled in Pärnu and Rapla counties, the other counties the track will pass through on the way to Riga.

He said there is little unused land in Harju County and the density of the population is greater, and there are currently five directions and 12 alternatives the track could use on the segment outside Tallinn.

The five directions are the current Tallinn-Pärnu line (option 12), around the greater Tallinn ring road (14), just on either side of the planned 5,000-hectare Nabala nature reserve on the border of Harju and Rapla counties (13) and directly through the nature reserve (10).

He said on the whole, the project is in good shape and there are no obstacles. He said Vilnius, the largest problem until recently, can be added to the project at a later stage and Lithuania has agreed to this.

He said the EU has said it will help finance the project - probably 85 percent of the cost - and the rail link should be ready by the end of 2024.